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Electrical Tip of the Day: Surge protection for your expensive electronics is a must!

Surge protection is the kind of thing that no one wants to think about or spend money on, until the worst happens.  It’s not “cool” and is not the kind of thing thing that comes up in causal conversation at the gym.  “Say Bob, what kind of surge protection you running these days”, just kind of weird ah?

Stay with me here… let’s say its spring time, and you just went out and bought that wall hung 60″ LCD High Definition TV you have been drooling over all winter.  Maybe a little gift to yourself for making it to spring – after all it’s baseball season right?  We both know you got a bundle of money tied up into your new toy; and if you dropped the change on home theater components to go with it you very well may have a months wroth of wages into “your system” – yet some how you have convinced yourself that YOU NEED THIS and that your wife will approve.  It’s OK – we all do it.

With spring also comes squirrels… starving from winter and more then a little wound up.  Still, its cold at night – and that big metal thing behind your house is warm year round, good place to take a nap if your a squirrel. Then it comes… first that unnatural electrical arching sound, then the lights flicker for a few seconds – wait for it, and BA-BOOM!!!  Hours later the power is restored and you find yourself sitting in front of your new TV – head in your hands, crying.  You knew it was smoked as soon as you tried to turn it on.  Yet you keep trying, on, off, on, off, on, off – “come on, you can do it”.  Like any good tech user you head to your computer to look for some answers on Google – surly it is just a fuse or something.  then you realize how bad of a day it is really going to be  – computer is fried too, lost everything on the drive.  UGH!

Now your old friend surge protection is looking pretty good 🙂

Here is a link to a company that makes a full line of products we really like, PANAMAX.  We can assist you with small point of use systems for an entertainment center or computer – all the way up to whole whose or whole office electrical system protection units *TVSS*.

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