Surge Protection

residential and commercial surge protection

What are power surges and where do they come from?

Brief Spikes

Extremely brief spikes in electrical power that burn up electrical circuits inside appliances and electronic equipment.

Power Lines

30% enter the home through the power lines, telephone lines and cable TV/satellite lines. These are the most damaging.

Inside Equipment

70% are generated by equipment inside the home from motors and large appliances turning off and on.

How can I protect my home or business and safeguard my sensitive electronics?

Main Zone

1st stage of defense and the key to protecting your home. Main Zone Protectors are installed at the main power panel, cable TV/satellite service and telephone service.

Interior Zone

2nd stage of defense for sensitive electronics inside the home.

Exterior Zone

3rd stage of defense for equipment located outside the home such as the air conditioning unit, pool pump or well pumps.

We’ve Got You Covered

We can design and install a wide variety of transient voltage surge protection, upgraded & redundant grounding, and power quality solutions for your home or business.


It only takes a second to ruin your investment. Just ask yourself how much you have invested in your electrical equipment.