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Electrical Tip of the Day: Electronic data back-up with ioSafe

What’s on your hard drive?

When was the last time you made a backup copy?

As a small business owner it’s important to keep my customer records, financials and projects that sit on my computer backed up. More and more we rely on our digital communications and trust our precious data to our computer hard drives every single day. What most people fail to realize is that computer hard drives are mechanical, eventually they will fail. That said; the majority of small business owners and consumers never realize how important it is to backup until it’s too late.

At Artisan Electric we trust our data on ioSafe hard drives. We backup vital business information, family photos and even videos as do many other local businesses here in town. The experts agree and everyone from PCWorld  to MacWorld has great things to say too. As such, we have compiled a list of some of the best reviews so you can be the judge and draw your own conclusions.

VideoMaker Magazine
We included the VideoMaker review because one of our close friends and Small Business of the Month winners is JP Video Productions in Downtown Lafayette, Indiana. Jay and his team help us with our web videos and tv commercials.

VideoMaker was founded in 1985 and according to their website has 50,000 subscribers to their newstand magazine every month. Known as the authority on all things digital video and HD video, thousands of people look to VideoMaker for the latest news, reviews and technology related to production and digital storage.  Recently the magazine and website did a review of the SoloPRO that takes a look at rugged protection and performance of the ioSafe fire proof hard drive.

Read the Full Review Here:

EverythingUSB  Review
Since 2002, the folks at EverythingUSB has been reviewing technology products and gear.  Very well respected in their industry, this website is full of great information on most things digital.  If you are  a gear geek like we are you’ll appreciate all of the technical details and benchmark performance tests in this review of the SoloPRO fireproof hard drive It’s one of the most comprehensive we could find.

You can read the entire review here:

A renowned online community coupled with IT resources, reviews from enterprise management to home user tips and guides – the TechRepublic is a very comprehensive resource and research tool for anyone that craves quality content and expert knowledge. The TechRepublic writer does a nice job of conveying how important it is to keep active electronics cool in a fire safe as he compares traditional fireproof safes to the ioSafe fire proof hard drive

Read the full review here:

Video Reviews

Sometimes you need to see it to believe it and that’s why YouTube was created J

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