Meet the A-Team

people you can trust

photo of Chris Voglund

Chris Voglund

Master Electrician / Owner / Estimator

photo of Chad Fording

Chad Fording

Journeyman Electrician / Estimator / Project Lead

photo of Lilly Gastineau

Lilly Gastineau

Office Manager / Accounting / Marketing

photo of Rob Wood

Rob Wood

Journeyman Electrician / Shop Foreman / Project Lead

photo of John Buttacavoli

John Buttacavoli

Journeyman Electrician / Project Lead

photo of Ethan Wallis

Ethan Wallis

Apprentice Electrician - 4th year

photo of David Ocampo

David Ocampo

Apprentice Electrician - 3rd year

photo of Kyle Hall

Kyle Hall

Apprentice Electrician - 1st Year

photo of Ruben Harbolt

Ruben Harbolt

Journeyman Electrician