The Artisan Way

our seven guiding principles

We will build a company

That is significant and kind, focused on leaving the world we do business in and the lives we touch better than we found them. Our team members and their families will come first in all the things we do. We will commit to sending all of our team members home safe every day with the understanding that it takes a shared effort to do so, simply said we will look out for each other like family.

We will find the balance

That puts the wellbeing of our people before profit. We will be honest in our intentions and actions, expecting the same in return from those we do business with. We will seek to be open and transparent with our relationships, both with our team members and our customers. We will look for win-win-win opportunities above all others. We will not engage in work that requires others to lose for us to win.

We will endeavor

To be a company that never stops learning. We will seek out collaborations, talent, and exceptional people to help us; with the understanding that it takes a village to build a lasting company. We will continually ask ourselves, “What is possible? What could we be? How will we achieve it?”

We will ask the questions

“How are we going to make our money?” and “How can we compensate our team better?” with equal vigor. We will work towards the concept of shared ownership for our team members, with the eventual goal of transitioning ownership of the company to them.

We will openly identify

Our mistakes and errors as a team with the intent of corrective action without individual blame. We will not dwell on what does not work. We will establish the ground rule that every team member can and should have equal value. We will work to ensure that all team members have a voice in our future. We will celebrate our successes with enthusiasm and support of the whole team.

We will always strive

To elevate our trade to the work of Artisans. We will not fear bold action or failures, this is how we learn. In all the things we do we will seek to be the best, to always look for improvements. We will embrace new technologies and new thinking. We will never assume that we have all the answers or are right in our approach.

We will use these principles

As our road map to success in all that we do.