hiring professional electricians and motivated apprentices

hiring professional electricians

Artisan Electric is looking for professional electricians and motivated apprentices to join our A-team.

Are you a skilled educated electrician who is seeking a fresh start? Are you a motivated apprentice looking for an opportunity to start or complete a certified apprenticeship program?

Our Culture

At Artisan Electric we understand that happy team members make all the difference.

At our new modern facility we provide a bright and inspiring team member focused atmosphere.

We offer a very competitive compensation package and work-life balance that prioritizes team members first that includes:

  • Company paid healthcare for team members
  • Generous PTO and company paid holidays
  • Flexible time off for family obligations and personal care
  • Company paid life insurance
  • Company paid sort term disability insurance
  • IRA with company matching contribution
  • Company provided vehicles
  • Company provided IPad and cell phone
  • Paperless CRM based project management
  • Fully paid 4 year apprenticeship program
  • New modern team member focused shop
  • Some terms and conditions may apply
Join the a-team