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Can Light Dont’s Part II

So I have talked in detail in the past about recessed can light dont’s, and using “Insulated Rated” cans, commonly known as IC cans.  Here is a real world example of what “can” go wrong if the incorrect products are installed for the wrong applications.

In this case kraft face insulation bats had been installed over the cans, and then were covered with blown in insulation.  The non-insulated rated cans eventually got things dried out enough (and hot enough) to ignite the paper on the back of the insulation.  Had this customer not been home to call the fire department at the first signs of smoke they would have lost the whole house.  As it was the dining room area was destroyed, and there was smoke damage to the rest of the home.

Note in the picture on the right the warning label on the light fixture…

photo (15)photo (14)

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