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Home Technology Problems

Home Technology Problems We All Face

If you are like most families, particularly if you have kids in middle and/or high school, your home is inundated in electronic devices and technology.  This includes computers, IPads, video game systems, multiple audio and video products, streaming of movies and other programs, and of course, the ever present smart phone.

When family members in a home try to simultaneously use multiple devices it can often lead to the following problems. 

Lack of bandwidthLack of Band Width
Typically the first issue that arises with families with multiple devices is with available band width.  This happens when several users connect to the internet and perform data consuming processes, like downloading large files, watching movies, or streaming programs.  This can lead to programs stalling or the connection being dropped.

Upgrading your network hardware, cabling and router can often be a first step in taking care of this problem.

You can test your Internet speeds by going to SPEAK EASY SPEED TEST.  If you are not getting what you expect, then call your internet service provider.

Spotty WiFi Coverage
girl on computerThe average family of four often has ten or more devices connected to the home Wifi network! Phones, TV’s, laptops and tablets, cameras, alarm system, and smart home systems are everywhere now.  Even new appliances are now being designed to connect to a network.

Inadequate WiFi coverage can be very annoying to say the least.  Not being able to sit on your deck or work in an upstairs bedroom is a problem that can be addressed in two ways … extend your current network, or create a stronger one.

With the increased demand and number of connected devices, many built in Wifi devices like those found in a typical cable router struggle to keep up.  Moving into a pro-grade wired WAP (wireless access point) system can extend your network, increase your speeds, and handle multiple users much better. These systems can also be configured to have a “guest” and “home” network.  This gives your network added security and keeps the neighbor’s kids from chewing up your bandwidth.

Not Enough Electrical Outlets
With so many devices in use some homes and apartments do not always have enough outlets to plug in your new gadgets. If your electronic devices are grouped together, i.e. home theater system, purchasing a good surge protector that allows you to plug in six or more devices will alleviate this problem.

Sometimes the issue is too many outlets are taken up by single-use power adapters for phones and tablets.  To address this you can replace the outlets with ones that have USB ports built into them, or purchase a multi-port adapter that can charge up to five devices while only taking up a single outlet.

remote controlsWires and Remotes Everywhere
Too many wires and remotes can be an aggravating problem. Wires for multiple devices get in your way, and locating the remote control you need for all your audio/video equipment can seem like a daunting task at times.

There are easy to use touch screen universal remotes available that can integrate up to eight remotes into one unit.  Set them up with icons like “watch Netflix” and with one tap on one remote you are ready to go.  You can eliminate some of your wiring by using a Bluetooth or wireless mouse and keyboard.

Higher Electrical Bills
We tend to leave many of our smart devices on all the time. So even when we are not using them, they are silently drawing power.  There are devices available that will allow you to switch off your computer, printer, scanner, etc. with one wireless remote device.  This saves energy and lowers your electric bill.

Artisan is qualified to do all forms of networking cabling.
If you are building a new home, or remodeling your current abode, many of the issues noted above can be addressed when the house is wired initially.  This can include installing the following …

  • Category cabling for home data networks and structured wiring
  • Cabling for Internet, HDTV installs, home automation, audio projects
  • Flat panel TV installs that look good and hide all those wires
  • Camera system wiring
  • Owner provided hardware installation
  • Audio and video, and whole house sound solutions
  • All forms of low voltage wiring for home automation and lighting control
  • Testing for structured wiring networks

juice2Free Consultation Available
The Artisan Electric team would be happy to discuss your “internet and electronic equipment” plans and provide a free estimate.  Just give us a call at 765-414-3913 or contact us at Artisan Electric.

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