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Change Your Lighting For A Dramatic New Look

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Change Your Lighting For A Dramatic New Look

Looking for a relatively inexpensive way to give your home a dramatic and distinctive new look?  Change the lighting.  By adding new lights, replacing old fixtures and rethinking how you light each room, your home can take on a new appearance and ambiance.  Using newer lighting products can even save you money.

Each Room Has Its Own Personality
Lighting should be tailored for each room.  Family rooms that are used for multiple purposes will require different lighting schemes than kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.  Assess how a space is used before doing a lighting makeover.

Lighting in layers allows you to choose light fixtures that provide light where you need it and add visual interest as well.

kitchen with lightingAmbient or General Lighting
Ceiling fixtures and chandeliers provide light throughout a room.

Task Lighting
Add extra light to areas where chores and activities get done. Reading, cutting up food, applying makeup, and work areas benefit from task lighting.

Accent Lighting
Add interest to the décor or unique features of your home.  Lighting over a painting or display, or below or above cabinets will set these areas apart.

Ideas to Stimulate Your Imagination
Here are some suggestions we have to upgrade your lighting and not only enhance the ambiance of a space, but also make it more functional.

  • Use wall-washing recessed lighting fixtures around the perimeter of a small room to illuminate the walls and make the space feel larger, or highlight artwork or other special features.
  • A combination of ceiling lights, wall mounted sconces, and table lamps can create an overall look that resonates.  Adding sconce lights to living rooms and dining rooms is a very cost effective way to spruce up a space and really change the look of a room.
  • For dark corners, use metal can up-lights. They can be purchased in a variety of styles and only need to be plugged in, with the light directed at the dark area. These are small and can be placed out of sight in a potted floor plant or on the top of a dresser.

    white switch with dimmer

    Dimmer switches add versatility

  • Install under-cabinet light strips in the kitchen, desk area, or workroom. The light will shine directly on the work area and make any task easier. Switch them off when you leave the job.
  • When lighting a three-dimensional object such as a fireplace, sculpture, or favorite item with recessed lighting, it is more effective to light it from two or three different angles.  Make sure you avoid the runway light look by not placing recessed lights in a straight line.
  • Install dimmer switches on as many lamps and light fixtures as practical.  Dimmer switches and controls add versatility – creating a light source that’s customizable to your needs.  Set a different mood in your dining room, bathroom, bedroom and even outside on your deck or patio. You’ll have control over the intensity of light around your home and save energy at the same time.Being able to dim the lights in a given space is one of the quickest and most affordable changes that can be made to dramatically affect the lighting in a space.

juice2Need Some Help Picking Our New Light Fixtures
Picking out new light fixtures and determining what can be done to change the lighting in a space can be an intimidating process.  Lighting is an art, we understand this very well (it is in our name after all).  We would be happy to assist you with design and new ideas to find a fresh approach for your space.  Just give us a call.

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