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“Almost” a bad day pictures!

I get pictures in all the time from friends in the trades… thought I would share a few today.  To the best of my knowledge these are all real, no photo shop.  While these are all pretty funny I hope they serve as a reminder to how a bad decision is only one step away from something far worse.  Enjoy.

2009-04-27_002.jpg - jboxNo way this is going to go well

2009-04-27_003.jpg - tree trimmer“almost got it man, get another ladder”

2009-04-27_006.jpg - man under rockWell, points for the hard hat anyway

2009-04-27_008.jpg -man under car“No way am I buying jack stands”

2009-04-27_010.jpg - law tractor on carYou have to admire this… that was not easy

2009-04-27_012.jpg - lattice on carI see “this guy” at the home stores all the time

2009-04-27_014.jpg - driving ground rodNot sure who is better off here…

2009-04-27_009.jpg - low bridgeDang it!

2009-04-27_015.jpg - bucker painterPainters… what can you say 🙂

2009-04-27_011.jpg - truck on bridge“dude, gun it – you got this”

2009-04-27_019.jpg - tree on truckMaybe a little better plan would have been in order

2009-04-27_013.jpg - boy with head in chairThe futue of the trades?

2009-04-27_001At least someone is holding the ladder


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