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Electrical Tip of the Day: Ceiling fans save money!

Spring is here… and not too far down the road we will be suffering thru the dog days of summer, and the fight to stay cool and comfortable in our homes.

That brings us back to my old friend the ceiling fan.  I love fans… they are efficient, they are eco-friendly as compared to the manufacturing and use of AC systems, they extend the season you can keep the AC turned OFF, they help with winter heating (by as much as 25% in an old home), and with all the options available today they can add a real statement to a home.

F529-BS-CH.jpg cooler fanSo what do they actually cost to run you ask… here is a quick break down on costs for use of each of these appliance loads, based on a 12 hour run time per day with current average electrical rates.  This in only meant to be a base line – the cost of running Window AC units and Central Air can go up or down form this dramatically based on the age of the equipment, the efficiency of the system.


Ceiling Fan = ($.10)
Window Air Conditioner = ($1.63)
Central Air System = ($4.30)




Ceiling fans are very efficient – they use about as much power as a 100 watt light bulb to run.  If you have any questions about applications or installations we would be happy to take a look.  We get our fan products thru Kirby Risk – and in most case these better units come with a 5 to 10 year motor life warranty.

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