This project was a real joy. A full design build audio makeover for historic Saint Francis Xavier church in Attica, IN.
A huge step up from their old Bogen 70 volt system!
At the heart of this new system is a QSC Touchmix 16, a QSC QXD series amplifier, and a pair of JBL CBT series column line array speakers running in dual mono, and a phased ALS hearing loop under the floor. The church is now ADA compliant for hearing assistance.
This makes for a compact budget friendly system that provides great audio quality and solid speech transmission index clarity for these smaller community churches.
What you don’t see when we post completion pictures of projects like this… are the hours of site visits and design work and gear acquisition, the two days our team spent in a nearly inaccessible crawl space to install the custom cabling and hearing loop array conductors, the installation of the electrical wiring needed to support the new hardware, the tedious work of making and terminating and soldering custom cables, the effort it took to come up with the proper anchoring solutions needed to hold speaker systems, racks, and shelves on hundred year old brick walls, the set up and programming of the consul, and the audio engineering and room shoots to make it all sound like it should.