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Surge Protection – pro solutions from Artisan Electric

June 7th, 2011 No comments

Today’s homes are more reliant than ever on appliances and electronics that are controlled by extremely sensitive microprocessor circuits. These circuits are easily damaged or disrupted by power surges originating both inside and outside the home.  Artisan Electric has partnered with Surgeassure to provide and install a line of residential protection products designed to protect the electrical and electronic equipment in your home using the Total Zone “staged protection” strategy which divides your home into three zones.

  • MAIN ZONE: 1st stage of defense and the key to protecting your home.  Main Zone Protectors are installed at the main power panel, cable TV/satellite service entrance, and telephone / broadband internet service entrance
  • INTERIOR ZONE: 2nd stage of defense for sensitive electronics inside the home
  • EXTERIOR ZONE: 3rd stage of defense for equipment located outside the home such as the air conditioning unit, pool pump or well pumps


• Extremely brief spikes in electrical power that burn up electrical circuits inside appliances and electronic equipment.

• 30% enter the home through the power lines, telephone lines and cable TV/satellite lines >These are the most damaging.

• 70% are generated by equipment inside the home from motors and large appliances turning off and / or premature failure.


• PHYSICAL DAMAGE:  The most noticeable and dramatic, these are the result of large power surges originating outside the home.

• DISRUPTION:  The computer locks up or shuts down, loss of valuable data from hard drives and media storage devices, the Blu-Ray DVD player malfunctions, the washing machine shuts down before the end of the cycle for no reason, computer modem and wireless devices need resent and have problems staying stable, HD TV picture pixelates or SAT receivers have issues staying synched.

• DEGRADATION:  Also called “electronic rust,” it shortens the lifespan of your equipment so that it mysteriously stops working sooner than one would expect… “why do we keep having problems with the garage door opener?”

Have questions or concerns about surge protection for your home or business?  Contact us today and let the pros at Artisan do a free site assessment and help design a system to protect your investments.