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How a custom home should be wired – The ARTISAN WAY!

February 10th, 2012 No comments

A little known fact in the building trades is how cheap the workmanship has really gotten.  Once upon a day – when you put your companies name on it that meant you stood behind what you did, period.  In this day and age low bid gets the job.  Sure there are some stand up exceptions to this, but for the most part the war cry of  “get it done fast and cheap” is the norm.  In that process the real loser is the homeowner, and in most cases they don’t even know it happened.

Here is one example:  most sub-contractors are only required as part of the bid process to back their work with a 1 year warranty to the builder, and most builders only offer a stock 3 to 5 year warranty on the whole project.  Frankly speaking – we think that is despicable!  Your home is likely the single  largest investment you will ever make – how is it that you can get a great warranty on a car these days but not your house?



Here are 25 reasons an Artisan Electric custom home project stands out from the rest

1)      Our jobs are run and staffed by Journeyman electricians, no exceptions!

2)      We use only quality materials and practices, no exceptions!

3)      No 15 amp – 14 gauge “cheap-o” circuits.  We use only 20 amp (or larger) rated branch conductors

4)      We only use copper buss commercial load centers and service entrance equipment

5)      We use separate circuits for each room (excluding lighting) in a home.  This avoids problems with today’s computer and electronic equipment, as well as new high-demand appliances

6)      We do not share neutrals for any of our circuits

7)      Artisan Electric is the highest rated Angie’s List contractor in a 30 mile radius of Lafayette – go take a look

8)      Arc-fault circuit breakers are used on bedroom power circuits per NEC requirements

9)      We do not use feed thru wiring practices or “stab in the back” wiring methods. All devices are pig tailed at the point of use

10)   We only use steel junction boxes with threaded ground screw connections.  Do it once, do it right!

11)   Our employees take extensive safety training (CPR, First Aid,) and OSHA safety certifications

12)   All of our employees have been thru a BAT certified 4 year electrical apprenticeship program and have testing documentation

13)   We use Hubbell 15 and 20 amp commercial rated receptacles, with dedicated 20 amp rated receptacles for all appliance loads. We only use 20 amp rated commercial GFCI outlets

14)   We put spare pipes to the garage / attic / outdoor living / and crawl spaces for future use.  It is our job to look out for your total lifespan needs

15)   We use only 1000 watt or larger rated Lutron dimmers for our projects – with CFL / LED dimmers for any unique lighting requirements

16)   All of the products we use for construction come from pro vendors – no “home store” off brand or B-Stock items are used for our installs

17)   Artisan Electric is a member of a certified recycling system, all wasted generated by us will be sorted and recycled with Resolve Earth Solutions

18)   We provided “As-Built” drawings for our projects upon completion – you will know exactly what you paid for

19)   We understand the importance of good housekeeping, our projects are cleaned daily – we won’t leave a mess for you

20)   We have the experience, expertise, professionalism, and training to handle the job – without creating stress and re-work for the other trades, project supervisors, and especially to the home owner

21)   Our bids are comprehensive, ethical, and truthful.  We provide a line item of the circuits to be used to our clients so they KNOW exactly what they are paying for and what it includes

22)   Our bids cover the items the others leave out, including options for audio, video, internet, exterior lights and audio, home theater, and smart home wiring

23)   Whole house surge protection comes standard with our bid package

24)   We are an authorized Kohler GenSet dealer.  We can provide best in generator solutions for natural gas and LP systems -including pre-wire options for future generator hook-up / smart transfer interface panels / legendary Kohler reliability and certified maintenance plans

25) A custom home wired the Artisan Electric way comes with a 10 year transferable workmanship warranty – we do it right, period!


HD projector install

February 4th, 2011 No comments

We did this HD projector install a few weeks back.  Not the best reference picture in the world (took it with my iphone in a dark room) but you get the idea.  The image size on this screen is 150″ – full 1080P HD.

HD pro