Service Upgrade Process

November 15, 2022 by Lilly Gastineau

When was the last time you had an electrician inspect your service entrance equipment and electrical panels? Are you noticing flicker lights or appliances with “slow starts”?  Maybe you are seeing an unusually high spike in your monthly electric bill? Perhaps you are looking to add an EV charger, hot tub, new kitchen appliances, solar, or have a remodeling project in the works and need to know if you have enough power and breaker space to get you the juice you need.

In today’s age of electronic advancements and internet connected devices, EV’s, solar power, generators, and so much more our electric systems are starting to become maxed out and undersized.  According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the national average residential rate increased by 8% compared to 2021. Not only has the residential rate gone up, the overall electricity consumption in the United States has seen a 2% increase just over 2021. Electricity usage is not anticipated to slow down any time soon. Electricity use in the United States is projected to grow continuously in the coming decades, to surpass 5,100 terawatt hours in 2050. In comparison to 2021, this would represent an increase of nearly 30%.

split image of two electrical panels side by side showing the before and after wiring of an electrical panel.

Service Upgrade

So, how do we prepare for that? We are committed to educating and guiding our clients about the options available to protect an expand your electrical service. The first step would be to schedule a free onsite estimate appointment with our team to come and evaluate your electrical system. Our team of educated Artisans can then guide you on what sized service you will need, panel upgrades, and give advice on any future electrical purchases or upcoming projects with electrical needs. From there we then send you an electronic estimate via email and text for you to review and approve.

Once you are ready to move forward with your project, we take care of obtaining the appropriate electrical permit and contact the power utility company to schedule a time to temporarily disconnect your service while we complete your service upgrade. Once we have a date for the disconnect we will reach back out to you to schedule your project. These projects typically take one to two business days to get completed. When our work is completed, we will contact the local inspector to come perform a final inspection on your new electrical service and once approved we will contact the power utility company to restore power to the home.

Group photo of Artisan Electric team members standing in front of a stone wall in business casual wear.

The A-Team

At completion we will send you an electronic invoice via email and text complete with progress photos, notes while on site, and before and after pictures of your service upgrade. We are committed to ensuring we are with you every step of the way through this process. Leaving no stone unturned, we also understand that this is a fairly large project for most homeowners. As such, Artisan Electric is now offering financing. If you would like to learn more please visit our financing page here.

If you would like to start discussing your electrical upgrade feel free to fill out our contact form here or call in to our shop at 765-414-3913 and we will set up your onsite free estimate!