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Getting a Construction Project to Turn Out Like You Planned

Large or small … getting construction projects to run smoothly, completed on time, and on budget always presents its challenges. To have the end result turn out the way you want takes planning and staying on top of the details.

Construction project planning

Having a well thought out plan always makes things easier.

Planning is Key to Success
To be successful we have found that defining the plan, adjusting the plan when needed, and ultimately implementing a well thought out construction plan is key to the success of your project.

When working with multiple contractors it is essential that the roles and responsibilities of each are clearly defined.

To make this happen the project manager, or owners group should consider the following standardized practices. Be sure to solicit the input and perspective from those involved about their specific tasks.

  • Who is in charge
    First and foremost establishing a clear chain of command and identifying who has the authority to make changes and spend additional monies is key to the success of any project large or small.       With larger projects, if someone from the owners group is too busy or not qualified to make construction related decisions, we highly recommend a good project manger.
  • Scope Statement
    construction workers 685

    Understanding the scope, schedule and milestones of the project helps the contractors coordinate their work schedules.

    A simple document that clearly defines the work to be done, deliverables, key milestones, and ideally a schedule of values and costs. A scope statement may change during the project, but it shouldn’t be done without the approval of the project manager and/or the owners group.

  • Written Schedule
    A visual representation of the time line that breaks down the scope of the project into well understood dates and times for all the trades in the job.
  • Written Change Orders
    Get them in writing and make sure all parties agree ahead of time how they will be billed!
  • Milestones
    Identify high-level goals that need to be met throughout the project and make sure they are well understood by all the players on the job.
  • Communication Plan
    This is of particular importance if your project involves outside stakeholders. Create reporting about project details and a schedule of when to update team members based on deliverables and milestones.  Also determine what the preferred method of disseminating information on progress reports will be, i.e. email, phone, text, pictures, video.
  • Weekly job site meetings with all the players
    This is essential to avoid rework and costly delays and conflicts. Start by making sure everyone on the project has contact information for every other person on the project. The importance of getting all the players on the job working together is key to the project’s ultimate success.
  • Only Hire Pros
    Hire the best trade’s professional you can. It is the single best investment you can make if you want less headaches and contractors who will go to bat for you and look out for your best interests. Remember low bid is exactly that – it always comes with a cost.

It’s A Beautiful Thing
Staying on top of all aspects of the project using these suggestions will make a big difference. As we all know, “It’s a beautiful thing, when it all comes together according to plan.”

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