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Creating Your Perfect “TECH” Space

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Creating Your Perfect “TECH” Space

Remodeling dens, basements, living rooms, lady lairs, outdoor living spaces, she sheds, and man caves is very popular right now.

Having that space where you can enjoy the big game, stream movies, play video games, have the neighborhood kids over, and entertain family and friends has become a #1 priority for many.

Understanding how to integrate multiple layers of technology is important when creating that perfect TECH space.

Don’t Underestimate the Technology and Electrical needs as part of the “Big Picture”

When designing spaces that have multiple layers of technology there are some important considerations that impact your end result.  These include placement and type of audio and video; lighting and environmental controls; internet and provider connectivity; and integration devices (such as smart remotes) that make up your home media or entertainment center.

Lighting for your new space and how it will be controlled is another essential part of getting the right look and feel for a given project.  Both the lighting and component integration entail extensive understanding of technology, as well as the electrical considerations and lighting design.

An Amazing Space or a Bad College Apartment
Integrating audio and video equipment for optimum effect involves its proper placement within the room, both visually and for the best performance and effect.  The right lighting can really set a room apart and increase its functionality. Thinking through how the room will be used will determine the type, number and location of A/V components and lighting options.

When all the pieces come together in the right way, they make for amazing spaces.  When they come together in the wrong way, they lead to technology frustrations and often look like a bad college apartment.

Consult an electrician on the design and installation of new technology.

Talk to Your Technology Friendly, Local Journeyman Electricians at Artisan Electric – we are here to help!
So when you decide to remodel that prime space, it would be wise to have an experienced team involved both in the design phase of your project and for the install and completion.  Our team has the experience and boots on the ground expertise to assist in a wide range of tech based projects.

So what can we do?
o    Full line electrical contracting – residential, commercial, light industrial
o    Audio and Video distribution – for home, business, industry
o    Conference room and commercial business space tech solutions (War Rooms)
o    Video conferencing solutions
o    Smart office systems
o    Smart home systems
o    IT infrastructure
o    Network cabling
o    Generator Systems / Critical power
o    Surge protection solutions for home / business / industry
o    Wireless access solutions
o    Electronic integration design and consultation services
o    House of worship audio / video / lighting solutions and space planning
o    Events centers and theatrical space audio / video / lighting solutions and space planning
o    Custom integrated lighting design and installation
o    Conference room and office furniture solutions with design support
o    Tech consulting for business and industry (proper planning makes for predictable results)
o    Home theater / listening rooms
o    Retrofits  / remodels of all kinds
o    Audio testing / acoustic sound treatment solutions
o    Hearing loops
o    Crestron control systems
o    Wireless solutions for audio and vide
o    Custom interface systems and programming
o    Consulting for other outside resources teams, architects, and plan review services
o    If you can dream it we have the team to make it a reality!

juice2The Artisan Way
Artisan Electric would be happy to review your ideas for any remodeling project, business space, or new home construction. Just give us a call.  We’ll go over our ideas and discuss the approach we use to get you to that final “yes, that’s what I wanted” moment with the least amount of headaches and stress.

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