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It’s Time for Fall Outdoor Electrical Maintenance

October 24th, 2016 No comments

Fall Exterior Electrical Maintenance

Now’s the Time to Get Your Outdoor Lights, Signs and Home Ready for Winter

No one likes dealing with outdoor lights that don’t work or hot tubs that don’t heat up when cold weather arrives.  Repairing outside wiring, pole lights and signs when the fixtures and ground are frozen make these tasks extra difficult.

That is why NOW is the time to have exterior electrical maintenance done.

Fixing lights, signs and other exterior electrical items that are in need of repair is easier and less expensive now.  There are also preventive maintenance steps you can take in the fall that will help eliminate potential problems when your electrical usage increases during the winter months.

Six Areas to Check Before Winter Arrives
We suggest checking out these six areas around your home and business before the chill winds blow.

Electrician working on outdoor electrical panel

Check outdoor electrical panels.

  • Panels and service equipment – The summer cooling season and the big electrical loads from AC units stress electrical systems hard. The same thing occurs at peak heating season when the below zero temps set in.Fall is a great time to service this equipment before the winter heating season kicks in. It is a good idea to have your outside electrical service, meter box, and electrical panel board “the breaker box” inspected and all the wiring connections and breaker terminals tightened on a regular basis.  Manufacturers recommend this be done annually.
  • Landscape lights – after a summer of heavy use many landscape lighting systems have some fixtures and lamps that need repair … these get very hard to service once the ground freezes. If there are in-ground buried wiring issues sometimes we have to wait for spring.
  • Outdoor spas and hot tubs – checking the electric circuits that heat the water in your spa or hot tub is good insurance from an electrical equipment failure that might lead to a costly freeze up of the unit.

    Outdoor lighting of stairs

    Make sure all your outdoor lighting is working properly.

  • Exterior lighting on homes – it is always more expensive to service outdoor lighting in the winter time – especially those hard to reach fixture locations and pesky motion sensor lights.  These outages become much more noticeable and inconvenient as our days grow shorter.
  • Exterior lights and signage on commercial buildings – hard to reach pole lights, building lights, and signs are very difficult and costly to service once they freeze up.  Once this occurs we often cannot get the fixtures apart to work on them.
  • Portable space heaters – it is the time of year when many of us start reaching for space heaters to keep rooms comfortable…. we see this a lot in older historic homes.  Space heaters draw a lot of current and many older electrical circuits are not rated for this kind of use.  If you are going to be using portable heaters you need to know if the circuit and electrical outlet you are using is correctly sized and rated for the load. Never use portable heaters on extension cords, plug strips, or two-prong adapters!

juice2Exterior Electrical Maintenance
We’ll be happy to come out and have one of our licensed pros give an estimate on any electrical maintenance work you wish done. Contact us today at Artisan Electric or give us a call at 765-414-3913 and we’ll answer any questions you have.

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