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Tippecanoe County Wind Energy

June 30th, 2010 No comments

We are starting to get asked a lot of questions about the rules for residential wind energy usage and installation. Though we would start by getting them posted up here for discussion and review.

Here is a copy of the most recent amendment to the Tippecanoe County building code regarding wind power.  If you are thinking about wind gen for your residence or small business this would be a great resource to start with – it will help answer a lot of the start up questions.

Tippecanoe County Wind Energy – new amendments

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Residential Wind Energy – Windiana 2010 wind energy confrence

June 28th, 2010 No comments

Like many people and business, we have wind energy and green power on the mind.  Artisan Electric is pleased to announce our companies next step into the wind energy market.  We will be attending the 2010 WINDIANA conference, an intensive 2 day expo covering a wide range of topics; from big wind systems, to residential and ag use, all the way down to the specifics of the emerging ordinances and the manufacturing process.

Here is a quick glance at this years agenda:  WIndiana_2010_Tentative_Agenda-4-21-2010

turbineWe are lucky to live in a state that has “good wind” and is emerging as the Midwest’s leader in wind tech.  Artisan Electric has already been involved with serveral small scale residential wind turbine installs – most recently a Windspire vertical axis system installed at a rural location here in Tippecanoe County.  We are very excited about the future of wind power, and becoming the areas leading expert on the electrical systems for residential wind applications.

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Electrical Tip of the Day: How to Save $$$ on your electrical bill…

June 17th, 2010 No comments

In this day and age, saving money and going green can go hand in hand.  I have been doing a lot of research over the last year to find information on electric usage reduction for residential applications.  To say the least, there is a lot of information out there, much of which is false or misleading.

So during this time I came across this awesome web site by Michael Blujay (AKA:  Mr. Electricity).  Do yourself a favor and cheek it out – I love this guys site.  I promise you will learn at lest one thing on the first page you did not know 🙂



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