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March 2010 – KJG Building Bulletin – Focus on Glen Acres site revitalization

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KJG Architecture

March 2010
Published by KJG Architecture Inc.            Volume 2 No. 2

& Hot Spots
A roundup of local construction activity, real estate information and projects designed by various firms, including KJG Architecture:
New Commercial Construction
Healthcare: Lafayette Orthopedic Clinic, Women’s Healthcare at Raintree Medical Park
Purdue Research Park: Dow Agro-Sciences greenhouse and office remodel
Purdue University: High Performance Buildings Center at Herrick Labs
Lot approvals in 2009: 128
Residential Building
Single family permits, January 2010: 27
Residential Sales
January 2010: 68 units, $7.4 million, average sales price of $108,743
February 2010: 91 units, $12 million, average sales price of $132,842
On the Market
Warehouse: 3701 David Howarth Dr.
Historic: 635 Ferry St.
Office: 20 N. Ninth St., 840 Sagamore Parkway North.
Glen Acres Neighborhood
Revitalization Underway

Chatham Square

Demolition crews clear the site for Chatham Square,
one of the exciting projects happening in Lafayette’s
Glen Acres Neighborhood.

Glen Acres Neighborhood residents are seeing dramatic improvements take place as a nearly $20 million,
multi-faceted improvement project moves along.

Bridgeway Gone, Homes Acquired
Milestones already marked in the Glen Acres Neighborhood:
  • Demolition of 27 buildings formerly known as Bridgeway Apartments
  • Purchase of the first four of 14 neighborhood homes by the city of Lafayette, which will remodel or rebuild them, then re-sell.
Infrastructure, Remodeling Work Begins
Coming by early summer:
  • Infrastructure construction to begin for the new Chatham Square residential development on Bridgeway’s 19-acre site.
  • Remodeling/rebuilding of existing single-family neighborhood homes already purchased.
  • Additional single-family home acquisitions and renewal.
“My hope is we can have everything ready to go for the contractor to start in April,” Tim Kraft, planner/project manager, Neighborhood Stabilization Program, City of Lafayette, says of the initial single-family home work. “We’re looking at 60-day completion times.”

The Chatham Square project, targeted for first-phase completion by year end 2011, will include 10 new
single-family homes and 92 rental units in what developer Brinshore Development LLC calls a new urbanist project, with generous green space and a mix of housing options. The city purchased the declining property in January 2009 to spur redevelopment.

$7.8 Million Grant
Transformation of the area bounded by Sagamore Parkway, Creasy Lane and Greenbush and Union streets is getting a $7.8 million boost from the Indiana Housing & Community Redevelopment Authority. The city’s plans also include providing rehabilitation funding assistance to improve about 30 owner-occupied homes and improvements at Munger Park.

Spotlight:  Cash In on Energy Efficiencies

Energy Star

Energy savings, tax credits and even cash rebates are helping business and home owners cash in when they replace furnaces and air conditioners.

“Now is a very good time to buy a heating and cooling system that’s more economical to operate,” says Troy Helderman, owner of Climatek Heating and Cooling in Flora, which serves a 100-mile radius.  Efficiency ratings have improved dramatically, he notes.  “Right now, if your furnace is running at 72 percent, $28 out of every $100 you spend is going out the flue stack.” New furnaces, he notes, can deliver 95 percent efficiency.

Indiana Giving Rebates
Cash rebates became available February 1 in Indiana under the Energy Star Appliance Rebate program. Rebates of $500 are available on Energy Star-rated heating and cooling systems or gas furnaces with an annual fuel utilization efficiency of 92 percent or greater. Geothermal heat pumps can net a $1,000 rebate.

The $6.1 million in Indiana incentives are funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. The rebates last until the money runs out. For qualifying information, visit Rebate applications must be postmarked within 30 days of equipment purchase.

Other Incentives Also Available
Federal tax credits and utility company incentives may also be available. Check with your supplier, accountant or utility about eligibility before purchasing new equipment.

Take a Look:  Religious Design

Delphi United Methodist Church

Delphi United Methodist Church’s new facility will provide desperately needed space and increased visibility from the new Hoosier Heartland Corridor.

Ever since KJG Architecture’s inception in 1997, church designs and religious projects have been a steady focus.  Previous projects for KJG include Sunrise Christian Reformed Church, Grace Lutheran, Crossroads Christian Church, Saint Lawrence Parish Hall, Temple Israel, Calvary Apostolic in Noblesville, and Temple Baptist in Kokomo.  KJG is current designing new facilities for Saint Alexis Orthodox Church and Delphi United Methodist Church.

While designing a religious space that meets the needs of the entire congregation as well as budget constraints is often challenging, KJG owner Kelly John Good says, “Churches
are one of the most rewarding types of projects we work on because we are to see first hand the excitement of the congregation when they move into their new space.”

While economic concerns have caused many congregations to delay plans to build or expand, KJG anticipates many local congregations pursuing building projects in the very near future.
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Batteries – local supplier GIZMOBATTERIES.COM can juice you up!

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Batteries, batteries, batteries – there is no escaping the vortex these days.  From small portable consumer electronics like cell phones, cameras, and ipods; to portable tools, batteries for back up UPS systems for computers and sump pumps,  to cars, trucks, and heavy equipment – the battery industry is alive and well.


We recently came across an excellent source for battery information and replacement products that we want to share… best part is that company is based LOCALLY right here in Otterbein, IN.

Please take a moment to check out the  Battery TIP Blog for products, disposal information, tips (like how two get more go juice for your cell phone), and those hard to find specialty batteries!!!

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Deadline for the $8,000 first time home buyer $$$ is April 30th

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The deadline for the $8,000 first time home buyer benefit that the federal government is offering is set to expire on April 30th – 2010. This means you are going to see A LOT of home deals get legs in the next few weeks… and with home deals come home inspections.

Since these deals are going to be time sensitive a lot of people are going to be pushing hard to “make the deal” work.  It is just these types of situations that lead to hurried work, unethical behaviors, and home owners getting taken advantage of by contractors (what, this never happens right).

So, if you or anyone you know is involved with the buying or selling of a property and finds themselves in need of electrical services please have them give us a call. We don’t play favorites, we don’t play price games, and we don’t take bonuses from buyers, sellers, realtors, or home inspection companies to MAKE a deal go the right way or get a job.  If you need a first, second, or third opinion – YOU CAN TRUST US to give it to you straight.  You have my word on it.

Best Regards,
Chris Voglund & the Artisan Electric Team

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Electrical Tip of the Day: How to wire an outlet (Part I – The WRONG WAY)

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What is a number #1 cause of electrical fires in residential occupancies?… failed wire terminations on devices  We see this a lot – typically in older homes with outdated / damaged devices, first generation modern construction homes form the 7o’s, and today in the fast paced new construction track home market.

A friend of mine who recently had this exact issue at his home suggested that we show the correct way to wire an outlet, with an example of the wrong way it can be done and what that might look like.

First – the wrong way.  Here is a picture of an outlet I made up here at the shop to demonstrate a  number of deficiencies and bad practices:

outlet blog - side view - wrong way to wire outlet blog - wrong way to wireIn these two pictures you see a number of issues:

  • (2) ground wires terminated on one screw – each screw on an outlet or switch is to have ONLY ONE WIRE on it
  • Wires that have been stripped back two far that allow exposed conductor to extend from the device
  • STAB IN THE BACK connections – this is a big one, this system is simply a failure waiting to happen.  Don’t use the stab in the back holes on a device!  Most reputable electrical contractors will not use the stab in the back system.  We use a method called “pig tailing” which we will talk about in Part II of this topic
  • Wires landed on a screw that are not properly tightened or terminated – you should not be able to wiggle a wire loose on a device.  Conductors should be bent and trimmed to fit neatly around the screw heads

So there are some examples of the wrong way / things to look for.  IF you see this kind of wiring on an outlet, or wires at a device location that appear to be loose, burnt, cracking. overheated, or otherwise “messy” it is a good idea to get it looked at now.  Fires are really hard to fix later 🙂

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