200A Service Changeout

September 20, 2023 by Lilly Gastineau

The Artisan Electric team recently tackled a 200 Amp Service Changeout!
We faced a “meltdown” situation as one of the disconnect breakers had seen better days, melting the plastic and bus on the 200 Amp, 2 gang meter on the exterior of the home. 😱
Our solution? We replaced that old meter/disconnect assembly with a shiny, new 200 Amp, 2 gang meter base with (2) 125 Amp disconnect breakers. 💡 We didn’t stop there! We mounted this service equipment on strut, securely attached to the home. And for the sake of aesthetics, we installed a piece of galvanized sheet metal to cover up the hole in the siding left behind by the old meter assembly. Say goodbye to unsightly gaps! ✨
We also brought the grounding up to code with an update to the grounding system. Two new ground rods were installed, and we made sure to bond the gas at the outdoor gas meters. Don’t worry about permits and inspections! We’ve got it all covered. Permitting fees? Included! We’ll handle all the coordination with the power company and inspection jurisdiction. Easy peasy! 📜✅
That’s how we keep the power flowing and homes safe. Remember, for all your electrical needs, the A-Team is here to juice up your world! 💫🏡⚡