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do you need a reliable backup power solution for your home, vacation property, office or commercial building?

Are you concerned about total reliance on a strained and aging power grid? Are you looking for a backup plan to keep the power on during storms and ever increasing unpredictable weather events? Have you had electronics or appliances in your home damaged due to drop outs, surges, or spikes in your utility power? Or perhaps you travel often and are looking to assure that the power stays on when you are not home. Maybe you or someone in your home is dependent on medical devices or has special health needs that require the power being on 100% of the time.

These are just some of the very valid reasons to consider an automatic backup generator solution.

Today’s generators are capable of automatically transferring the selected circuits over to the generator in less than 10 seconds. The LP or natural gas powered units are clean, quiet, and nearly odor free. There are even greener options coming soon within the next few months to a couple of years away. These units will be capable of running on 100% biodiesel, straight vegetable oil, or locally generated biogas and integrate well with solar.

Artisan Electric partners with our vendors to provide and install automatic generator solutions from the leading manufacturers in the industry, including Kohler and Generac.  Sometimes simpler portable generator connectivity can be the right solution. We can help spec, design, and install a wide range of portable generator solutions to meet your needs and budget.

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It Only Takes a Second to Ruin Your Investment.

Most homes only need 10kW to 14kW capacity for basic emergency loads and units are available that can provide 100% complete coverage for even 6,000 square feet or more of living space. While it is possible to purchase a home generator from the local home improvement warehouse or even online, the best way to determine your needs and ensure the unit is properly installed, is to work with your local dealer to determine your current electrical demands.

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What will you do in case of an electrical emergency? Your home and business rely on power to keep functioning on a day to day basis.