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why get a service plan?

Electrical service plans are critical to maintaining your home’s electrical system to promote safety and avoid costly unforeseen repairs. While often overlooked, electrical preventative maintenance is just as important as yearly service for your furnace and AC, an annual trip to the dentist, or getting your oil changed and brakes inspected on your vehicle to keep it running safely and reliably. 

Nothing lasts forever – outlets, switches, electrical panels, circuit breakers, meter sockets, light fixtures, and most electrical connections can and do degenerate over time. Other factors, such as the quality of the components and the skill and ability of the original installer have a significant impact on safety and longevity. Weather events, moisture, and even temperature all have negative effects on electrical connections and components over time. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Peace of mind 
  • Fire prevention 
  • Avoiding unforeseen and unscheduled repairs 
  • Avoiding supply chain issues during an untimely emergency 
  • Maintaining the condition and value of your home over time 
  • Safeguarding your valuable electronics, appliances, and EVs 

Have you smelled something that seems “electrical”, noticed a switch or dimmer that is too hot, have an outlet that never seems to work right, a breaker that always trips, or lights that seem to flicker too much? These are some of the first signs we see of preventable situations that can and do turn into significant issues – but many times they are not so obvious until it is too late. 

When was the last time a qualified journeyman electrician performed a thorough inspection of your home’s electrical systems? If you can’t answer that question or it has been a number of years it would be a good time to speak with the A-Team to pick a plan that is right for you and get scheduled today.

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